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Award winning, international, intuitive tarot card & oracle card reader. Connecting your angels, spirits, guides for guidance, support & when you are feeling overwhelmed, lost, alone, stressed. Tarot readings, oracle card readings, numerology readings. Readings on line (Zoom), Canada, America. Elemental Fairies Affirmation Cards now available to purchase. Elemental Fairy journals & meditations also available. Reiki Teddy, the bear with a healing hug, hug him when you are seeking physical, mental, emotional, psychological & spiritual healing. Suitable for autism & children on the spectrum, calming, soothing & relaxing. People with memory problems, dementia & Alzheimer, can help by reconnecting with the past, talking & remembering

  • Listing ID: 1687
  • Contact info: 18A Eastfield Rd, Delapre, Northampton NN4 8PE
  • Ratings: 5
  • Services: Holistic medicine practitioner, Aromatherapy service, Fortune telling services, Clairvoyant, Reiki therapist, Spiritist Centre, Toy Shop
  • Customer Reviews: Absolutely beautiful elemental fairies affirmation cards, with lovely energy. I enjoy pulling a daily affirmation card to start my day. They are vibrant, colourful and awesome pictures. Well done Julie, they are stunning!
  • Opening Times: Monday: 10am-5pm | Tuesday: 10am-5pm | Wednesday: 10am-5pm | Thursday: 10am-5pm | Friday: 10am-5pm | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: Closed
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18A Eastfield Rd, Delapre, Northampton NN4 8PENorthampton,NN4 8PE Show Phone Number https://www.juliesian.co.uk/

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